Intro to Coding with Super Heroes (Entering Grades 1-3)

Does your child love video games? They will create their very own! Students as young as five years old can create their own platform video games in this cool class! Students will choose their story line with popular super heroes as their star; add challenges and levels of difficulty, then share by email or post on the web to challenge family and friends. Now young students can practice math, logic, and programming and put their video game talents to work! The game will be in an animated flash format, viewable in most internet browsers. Bring to class: a jump drive to the last day of class or files can be emailed to parents, a drink and nut-free snack each day. Class limit: 16. Enter door 1.


  Tech Academy

Quarryview Education Center : 1-118A and 1-118B
Tue Jun 18, Wed Jun 19 & Thu Jun 20
9:30 - 11:30 AM


Grades   1st - 3rd

Price: $ 72 00
Registration begins  
Apr. 2nd