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S.O.S. Simplify-Organize-Share Photos & Videos Worth Saving!

Courses Adult / Technology -
Summer 2021

Are you overwhelmed with photos, videos or digital files but want to tell your family's story? During this educational, hands on workshop, you'll learn how to use a simple photo system to organize, tag or share digital photos. Learn about cloud storage and how to save photos and videos from your phone, computer or digital files. You'll also get tips on preservation options for slides, VHS tapes, reels, kids' artwork, or photo albums from years past. Learn how easy it is to share those funny little stories and find any photo or video in seconds. Bring 5-10 photos and a device (phone, tablet or laptop). Please wear a mask. Enter door 1.

3630-21S1 Closed

  Amy Storch

Quarryview Education Center : 1-118A
Monday, Sep 20
6:00 - 8:00 PM


Price: $ 25 00

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