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  • Color Art Therapy

    Are you a coloring enthusiast? Coloring for adults is a colorful trend that is here to stay. Professional therapists recommend coloring activities to help alleviate anxiety and reduces stress. Register with a friend and color while listening to soothing music. Continue your creativity after class with your take-home book and pencils. Tuition includes take-home coloring book and pack of colored pencils. Class limit: 16. Enter door 1.
  • Easter Basket Revamp

    NEW! Are you looking to get crafty for Easter? For this project, we'll use recycled baskets spray painted white. Make it uniquely yours by adding finishing touches using ribbons, artificial flowers, buttons and bows. Decorate with additional creative enhancements such as foam shapes, feathers or other supplies. This craft project makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one to enjoy each year. Tuition includes materials. Class limit: 12. Enter door 1.
  • Heart Canvas Apron

    NEW! Do you like to cook or craft? At this class, you'll design a personalized apron using a template and paint. You'll be able to wear this creative apron to future Project Challenge cooking and art classes to keep your clothes splatter free! Tuition includes materials. Class limit: 12. Enter door 3.
  • Looney Tunes T-Shirt

    NEW! Who is your favorite Looney Tunes character? Design a favorite shirt using a transfer design on a white t-shirt. You'll paint the character using colors of your choice with acrylic paint on a fabric medium. After your shirt is dry, you may choose to outline your design using a permanent marker. Tuition includes all materials. Class limit: 15. Enter door 1.
  • Lucky Irish Snow Globe

    NEW! Anyone can feel the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Join us as we make a fun St. Patrick's Day snow globe by enclosing a figurine inside a plastic globe. Be sure to wear green! Tuition includes materials. Class limit: 12. Enter door 1.
  • Mason Jar Flower Pot

    NEW! String art is a popular trend that is used to create colorful and unique designs. At this class, you'll create mason jar artwork by wrapping string around nails embedded in a flat wood surface You'll glue artificial spring flowers to the top of the wood to make a beautiful spring string art design. Give your personalized creation to a loved one as a gift or hang at home or work. Tuition includes materials. Class limit: 12. Enter door 3.
  • Monogrammed Button Art

    NEW! Do you love monograms? At this crafty class, you'll create your own monogram sign. We will use paint or chevron fabric to cover the canvas and create a monogram with buttons.  Hang your personalized design on a door or wall to use as a sign or give as a gift! Tuition includes all materials. Class limit: 12. Enter door 3.
  • Mother's Day Spring Flower Print

    NEW! Are you looking for a special Mother's Day gift? This spring flower project is adorable, meaningful and easy to make. Glue colorful crayons to the bottom of a canvas surface to create a flower pot design. The flower "stem" designs are created using melted crayon tips that streak with color. Add your finishing touch by gluing crafty floral blossoms to the stem design. Tuition includes materials. Class limit: 12. Enter door 3.
  • Winter Scrapbook Club

    Bring favorite photos of special memories and document stories through journaling and  scrapbooking. Enjoy socializing with friends while working on your album. Supplies will be provided or bring your own. Tuition includes supplies. Class limit: 12. Enter door 1.
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