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  • Chess Camp - Beginners & Intermediates (Ages 6-12)

    Welcome to Chess Camp, where fun and learning mix! Time will be split between activities, instruction and playing chess, along with some time provided for working with online chess programs. Bring to class: nut-free snack, chess board (if you have one), pencil and notebook. Class limit: 12. Enter door 7.
  • Eureka Engineering (Entering Grades 3-6)

    NEW! Eureka introduces students to the core skills of robotics and other STEM areas through engaging, hands-on learning opportunities. Student groups will work with Lego Mindstorm kits, which include both programming and mechanical components. The small groups will be mentored by experienced and passionate students from both high school and collegiate level robotics teams. For those interested in getting involved in FIRST Robotics, Eureka serves as a marvelous transition into a FIRST Lego League team! Class limit: 25. Enter door 1.
  • Extreme Chemistry...Mystery Challenges! (Entering Grades 2-6)

    NEW! Your child should get ready to get messy and have fun at this hands-on class with extreme chemistry experiments. Stepping into the science lab, they'll solve mystery challenges by investigating polymers and learning about rates of reaction, density and chemical indicators. Have your child dress in clothes that can get messy! Class limit: 24. Enter door 7.
  • Horse Day Camp (Ages 6-18)

    Did you know horses can run within hours of being born? They can also sleep both lying down and standing up! Your child will have a wonderful time learning about horses and how to ride them. Kids will be taught balance and control in the saddle, leading and in-hand work. They will braid a horse’s mane, groom, play and help to feed, water and care for horses. Games are also included. Camps are held rain or shine. There is an outdoor and indoor arena. Proper attire includes sneakers or boots (closed toe with a heel), long pants and layers, depending on weather. ASTM/SEI certified helmets provided and required to be worn. Signed waiver forms are required and the link will be emailed to participants once they have registered for the camp. Bring to class: sunscreen, water bottle, nut-free snack and lunch. Class limit: 20.Camp is located in Anoka, MN
  • Intro to Coding with Super Heroes (Entering Grades 1-3)

    Does your child love video games? They will create their very own! Students as young as five years old can create their own platform video games in this cool class! Students will choose their story line with popular super heroes as their star; add challenges and levels of difficulty, then share by email or post on the web to challenge family and friends. Now young students can practice math, logic, and programming and put their video game talents to work! The game will be in an animated flash format, viewable in most internet browsers. Bring to class: a jump drive to the last day of class or files can be emailed to parents, a drink and nut-free snack each day. Class limit: 16. Enter door 1.
  • Java Minecraft Modding: Infinity Gauntlet (Entering Grades 3-8)

    NEW! Your child will learn and use elements of Java coding to create Minecraft mods. They'll alter the world around them with the real stone, defeat the ender dragon with the power stone and halve the universe using all six infinity stones. They can shape the world to their will and make the universe “perfectly balanced”. Participants will use the Java programming language to create Thanos armor and a working infinity gauntlet. Your child should be comfortable with keyboarding and, of course, playing Minecraft! At the end of class, they can take home their mods to share with family and friends. Bring to class: USB drive, a drink and nut-free snack. Class limit: 24. Enter door 1.
  • Learn to Play the Ukulele (Ages 6-15)

    NEW! Has your child expressed interest in learning how to play the ukulele? Or, if they have ukulele experience and want to improve their skills, this class is for them! Lessons last 30 minutes in length with a limit of three lessons per student through Community Education. Date and times online are for registration purposes and do not reflect the exact dates and times of these lessons. Instructor contact information will be given at the time of registration. You may sign your child up until the 15th of the month. Bring to class: ukulele, if your child has one. If your child needs an instrument, ukuleles will be available for purchase at the first class for an additional $56.00 (including instrument case) payable at the time of purchase. Class limit: 20 with a maximum of six individuals at a time. 
  • Mississippi String Music Camp (Completed Grades 3-12)

    A wonderful musical opportunity awaits string players of all ages as they plan their summer fun. This camp is open to area violin, viola, cello and bass players. It will provide students with an opportunity to make music, meet new friends, and work with various conductors and musicians while improving skills. A variety of activities will be planned including orchestra rehearsals and sectionals plus enrichment activities such as fiddling, playing an electronic instrument and composing music. No auditions are required. Students must have completed one year or more of study on a string instrument. Car pools and early drop off for working parents can be arranged. Sheet music and a t-shirt will be provided (indicate Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL on the registration form). Please also indicate most recent school attended, string teacher, instrument and course section level. Class limit: 130. Enter door 7, each day of camp.For specific questions regarding class levels or scholarships, please contact Carlin Stiles at 320-223-8281.Level 1 – this group is geared for students who have completed one or two years of study. No prior group experience needed.Level 2 – for students who have been playing at least two years, know all of the notes in first position and have had some experience in an orchestra setting. Suzuki equivalent is book 2 or 3.Level 3 – a group for more advanced students who like to work on more challenging orchestra pieces. They need to have some experience playing in positions (2nd, 3rd, 4th) and should be using vibrato. Suzuki level should be book 4 or higher. Wind players may apply. Concert Friday June 14, 2019 11 AM in the Apollo High School Auditorium.Early Bird discount of $10 is available through June 1, 2019.
  • My Little Horse Camp (Ages 2-5 with Caregiver)

    Is your child interested in horses? Do you want them to be exposed to this wonderful animal at an early age? Spend the morning with your child learning different horse breeds, colors and sizes. The class will also feature horse safety, learning and fun! Help feed, care and groom the horses of Boulder Pointe. Bring a camera to snap photos during pony rides at the conclusion of class. Camps are held rain or shine. There is an outdoor and indoor arena. Proper attire includes sneakers or boots (closed toe with a heel), long pants and layers, depending on weather. ASTM/SEI certified helmets provided and required to be worn. Signed waiver forms are required and the link will be emailed to participants once they have registered for the camp. Bring to class: sunscreen, water bottle and a nut-free snack. Class limit: 20.Camp is located in Anoka, MN
  • Not Your Average Math Class (Grades 1-6)

    Welcome to an afternoon of math and fun! Your child will participate in math games and activities that involve learning and utilizing mental math strategies, making math simpler. Class limit: 35.
  • Pokemon Movie Making (Entering Grades K-3)

    Do you know a child who would love to make a movie? Students will work on a stop motion animated Pokemon movie. Picking their favorite characters to star in their mini-movie; the possibilities are endless. Action figures, props, and backdrops will be available for filming in class. They will handle all the technical details including using a digital movie camera, filming scenes, stop-motion animation, digital editing and adding finishing special effects and transitions to the movie. Student groups' final projects will be emailed to parents, or students may bring a USB jump drive the last day of class. Bring to class: a drink and nut-free snack. Class limit: 24. Enter door 1.
  • Solar Sound Junior Marching Band (Entering Grades 6-8)

    The Solar Sound Junior Marching Band is a beginning band program for middle school students. Formerly called The Blue Jackets, Solar Sound Junior Marching Band is designed specifically for students with little to no marching experience. The veteran band staff will teach your child everything they need to know to be a part of the band. No previous experience is necessary! All standard band instruments and percussion players are welcome. For those who don't play a band instrument, color guard will also be taught. The Solar Sound Junior Marching Band will also need banner and flag carriers. There is room for everyone! The program and schedule for the Solar Sound Junior Marching Band is designed for minimal commitment and maximum fun. Any students who will be entering grades 6, 7 or 8 in the fall from any area school that does not offer a marching band opportunity is welcome to join. A t-shirt will be provided, please indicate Youth L, XL or Adult S, M, L, XL. Bring to class: plenty of water. Class limit: 100. Enter door 3.St. Cloud Parade - Saturday, Jun 29    9:30 AM – 12:00 PMSt. Joseph Parade – Thursday, Jul 4 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
  • Summer Drama Camp (Ages 6-12)

    NEW! Your child can join the St. Cloud Area Tech High School Drama Club for a week of fun activities surrounding the production of The Wizard of Oz. Our show is based off of the story by L. Frank Baum. Campers will tell the classic story with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin-man, The Cowardly Lion and our favorite four-legged friend, Toto, as they journey across the Land of Oz. In their search of the Great Wizard of Oz, this band of misfits triumph over the countless challenges thrown at them by the Wicked Witch of the West. In the end, they all part and return home with their newly-found victory and outlook on life. Your young actor can join in acting games, learning lines, blocking and helping prepare props and set pieces as actors work together to perform a show for family and friends on Friday, July 26. Bring to class: a nut-free lunch on Friday, July 26. Nut-free snacks will be provided each day of camp. Class limit: 20. Enter door 7.
  • Super STEM Sampler (Entering Grades 1-5)

    NEW! Is your child interested in a fun, hands-on class of STEM topics? First, they will explore the hows and whys of energy, gravity and motion by building, questioning and creating science contraptions that really work. They'll also spend time at class confirming or busting strange myths and wacky urban as we smash, crash, sink or launch it to determine if the myth is confirmed, plausible or busted. Finally, they'll experiment with mixtures that are icky, sticky and sloppy as they explore the science behind slime while making glow slime, butter slime and more. Each class is filled with engaging experiments and hands-on activities. Note: M&M's (non-peanut variety) and Pop Rocks may be consumed. Class limit: 24. Enter door 7.
  • Tech Trek (Entering Grades 4-8)

    NEW! Tech Trek provides students with opportunities to create and apply knowledge of STEM topics in a group setting. Students will work with Tetrix kits which integrate electrical, programming and mechanical concepts. Enthusiastic members from high school and collegiate level robotics teams will guide students as they navigate through engineering challenges. Tech Trek builds a concrete foundation of robotics concepts, which will especially benefit those looking into joining a FIRST Tech Challenge team. Class limit: 25. Enter door 1.