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  • Cooking Japchae: Authentic Korean Dish

    NEW! At this cooking experience, you'll learn how to make japchae, a popular and authentic Korean dish. With the guidance of Chef Susie Carlson, you'll learn the secrets of this delicious, all-occasion meal that features fresh stir-fried vegetables, thin strips of marinated beef and cellophane noodles. It's versatile, customizable and is sure to become a permanent fixture in your favorite recipe collection. Bring to class: an appetite and container for leftovers. Enter door 1.
  • Making Fresh Spring Rolls

    NEW! Come experience how easy it can be to add this fresh and impressive dish to your repertoire. Whether you're looking to make a delicious, light appetizer or a healthy meal, spring rolls can be easily personalized for all appetites with a variety of tasty meat or healthy vegetable ingredients. You'll also leave this class confident in making them at home. This recipe will make about eight spring rolls. Bring to class: take-home container for leftovers. Enter door 1.